Fresh Henna Paste in Bottles

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fresh henna paste cajeput essential oil jacquard bottle
Fresh Henna Paste in Bottles
fresh henna paste lavender jacquard bottle
Fresh Henna Paste in Bottles
Fresh Henna Paste in Bottles

*Due to current USPS delivery delays we recommend ordering DIY henna supplies and mixing yourself. DIY supplies will arrive fresh and ready to use even with the longer delivery times. Premixed paste must be shipped Express Mail to guarantee freshness on arrival. We will not ship premixed henna paste via First Class or Priority until delivery times return to normal, the henna paste will go bad while in transit with these long delays. 8/17/20*

Henna Caravan fresh hand-crafted henna paste is made with only the highest quality ingredients available. We believe if you begin with excellent ingredients you’ll have excellent results! We start with triple sifted body art quality natural henna powder and add lemon juice, sucrose and pure aromatherapy quality essential oils. Our paste smells incredible, is smooth and creamy and stains beautifully. It is preservative  & chemical free and should be stored in the freezer to preserve freshness.

Choose Size:

  • 3/4 ounce paste in a Jacquard Bottle with applicator tip
  • 1 3/4 ounce paste in a Luer Lock Bottle with applicator tip

Choice of Essential Oil:

  • Aegean Dream essential oil blend is a beautiful mix of cajeput, lemongrass and sweet and wild orange. 
  • Lavender Oasis is a calming blend of high altitude Bulgarian lavender and is recommended for sensitive individuals, children, pregnancy, breastfeeding and chemo patients.

Henna Caravan henna paste ships frozen and releases the dye during shipping so it arrives at it’s peak, ready for your gorgeous art. The henna is ready to use when it arrives. Just twist the applicator tip onto the cap and begin creating your art! 

All of the work has been done for you. No fussing with powders, strange ingredients, or guessing measurements! This is so easy, all you need to do is create! 

Henna is Perishable! Store cones for later use in the freezer, and defrost at room temperature for 15 minutes prior to use.

    To use your Henna Caravan Natural Henna Bottle:

    • Attach the applicator tip to the bottle. Tips come in a variety of sizes to suit your style/needs.
    • Grasp the bottle between your thumb, palm, and fingers and squeeze. Everyone holds their applicator bottle in a unique way, so take time to find a comfortable position for your own hand.
    • Place the tip not quite touching the skin to lay down nice even lines without a "scratchy" texture.
    • Vary your squeeze/pressure to control line width and flow.
    • Once your design is complete, you can poof a bit of cosmetic glitter powder on top to add some shimmery color for the day.
    • Allow design to dry for 15-30 minutes or until dry to the touch.
    • Once dry it’s time to seal your henna design. As the henna dries, it can begin to crack and pop off; we want to prevent that from happening. Use your choice of Aftercare Sealant Spray or Medical Tape to secure your henna. Do not use both.
    • To remove paste, gently flake off over a trash can or tub. Avoid washing with water. If sticky and stubborn, use coconut or vegetable oil to remove any residue.
    • Enjoy your custom one of a kind henna design! It will be a bright orange at first and slowly darken over 48 hours. It will slowly fade away as your skin exfoliates.
    • Henna stains last 7-10 days, longest on hands and feet.
    • To keep henna stains looking their best avoid water for the first 24 hours, apply a coat of Aftercare Balm or coconut oil generously to protect when bathing/swimming.

    Domestic Orders:  Due to the perishable nature of fresh henna paste, we suggest shipping via Priority Mail or Express Mail.

    • Priority Mail is estimated 2-5 days in transit.
    • Express Mail is guaranteed 2 days in transit. We can only guarantee paste that is shipped via Express Mail.

    INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: Premixed paste is perishable. The longer delivery times for international orders means the paste will arrive past it's prime. We prefer to send you henna powder, oils, and our recipe so you may make fresh paste at home and be guaranteed lovely fresh product. We can't guarantee the results of paste shipped internationally due to the longer time in transit and customs delays. 

    WHY?: Once henna paste is mixed, it needs to rest for 24-72 hours for the dye release and then it should be used that day or stored in the freezer to preserve freshness. Once it hits its 'peak' it will slowly begin to demise and go bad. Keeping it in the freezer slows down the demise process and keeps it fresh. Lengthy delivery times especially with First Class delivery mean the henna will arrive past its peak.

    Natural henna paste is perishable!

    When your fresh henna paste arrives in your mailbox, toss it in the freezer!

    Let it defrost at room temperature for about 30 minutes before use.

    Store leftover paste in the freezer for optimal freshness, up to 6-12 months.

    Every time you defrost and refreeze it'll lose some potency and stain power. 


    • Henna is Perishable!
    • Store henna paste in the freezer when it arrives
    • Store henna powder in a cool DRY location when it arrives
    • Natural henna will start off orange and deepen color over 48 hours
    • Be sure to clean the skin before applying henna
    • Let the henna paste soak on the skin for 4-8 hours
    • Seal with medical tape or Aftercare Citrus Sealant for best results
    • To remove paste, gently flake off, if sticky use coconut or vegetable oil, not water to remove residue
    • Enjoy your custom one of a kind henna design! It will slowly fade away as your skin exfoliates
    • Henna stains last 7-10 days, longest on hands and feet where skin is thickest. Shortest on face, torso, back where the skin is thinner and more oily.

    Henna Caravan features only 100% natural ingredients. All our products are generally safe to use on children and during pregnancy, however a doctor should always be consulted if you have concerns. We NEVER use any black or colored chemical dyes or additives, PPD (para-phenylenediamine), nut products, or preservatives. Avoid henna if you have G6PD deficiency or have been advised to avoid Fava beans, are extremely anemic, or have citrus allergies.

    Henna is Perishable! Store cones for later use in the freezer, and defrost at room temperature for 15 minutes prior to use.

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