Glitter Mehndi Glue Pro Set

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Designed for use with medical prosthetics, acrylic adhesive has also become a staple in the special effects industry. As body artists, we use acrylic adhesive to add rhinestones or bindis for our clients, or create unique glitter tattoos using stencils or freehand techniques. Generally lasts 3-7 days.


  • Acrylic Adhesive, half ounce
  • 8 Applicator Tips
  • Wash bottle, 2 ounce

To use:

  • Clean skin with rubbing alcohol
  • Firmly attach applicator tip to bottle
  • Apply design in thin lines, thicker lines rub off quickly
  • Allow to dry until clear and tacky
  • Cover thoroughly with glitter powder or mica powder
  • Use a brush to rub glitter particles over every sticky surface
  • Any glue left uncovered will attract dust
  • Rinse out tips with water immediately to prevent glue from drying in them
  • Acrylic Adhesive is temperature sensitive. Store between 50 and 90 degrees Farenheit. Glue will permanently solidify if chilled and will lose all stickiness if heated.

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