Grid Maker Duo Henna Stamp

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Grid Maker Duo, Henna Stamps

Quickly create traditional grid patterns in two different sizes  with these stamps. One is perfect for wrist bands or more delicate arm bands and one is larger making it perfect for the bolder bands we love on the upper arm designs of bridal work. 

Embellish and fill with your favorite details!

Re-useable Henna Stamps, created and designed by a henna artist to support beginners and assist with high volume events.

Quick, efficient, and easy to use for all artists, no matter their drawing level! 

  • Use a non-toxic ink pad or apply a bit of henna to the stamp
  • Press the stamp on to the skin
  • Trace over the stamped transfer with henna
  • Add your unique henna style embellishments
  • Wash and re-use