Half ounce Cream Acrylic Adhesive

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Designed for use with medical prosthetics, acrylic adhesive has also become a staple in the special effects industry. As body artists, you can use the cream adhesive to create striking 3 dimensional glitter mehndi designs. Can be combined with Liquid Ccrylic Adhesive to mix up your preferred texture for use in hand-rolled cones.

To use:

  • Place a small amount of cream adhesive in a hand-rolled cone (or bottle) for application
  • Clean skin with rubbing alcohol
  • Apply in thin lines to the skin, thicker lines will wear off faster
  • Allow to dry until clear and tacky
  • Cover thoroughly with glitter powder or mica powder
  • Use a brush to rub glitter particles over every sticky surface.
  • Any glue left uncovered will attract dust
  • Cream adhesive designs generally last 1-5 days

Acrylic Adhesive is temperature sensitive. Store between 50 and 90 degrees Farenheit. Glue will permanently solidify if chilled and will lose all stickiness if heated.