Hearts & Stars Glitter Tattoo Kit, Waterproof

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Create colorful, waterproof Glitter tattoos that last up to 5 days with this convenient kit! Your Glitter Tattoo kit will include a variety of Heart & Stars-themed adhesive stencils (selection may vary due to availability), your choice of 4 Glitter color poof bottles, a glue wand for easy application, 15 alcohol swabs to ensure great tattoos, and a brush to assist in application. Glitter tattoos are great for pool parties, beach parties, school spirit events, and events with younger children who may not be ready for natural henna.

  • Glitter Tattoos are Waterproof
  • Last 1-5 days
  • Use Stencils or Draw adhesive on Freehand
  • Quick and Easy to Apply
  • Acrylic Adhesive is safe for use on skin and non irritating
  • Non-Latex

Glitter, glimmer or shimmer tattoos (depending on your supplier) are created with stencils, acrylic adhesive and cosmetic glitter OR use the glue and draw on using the squeeze bottle, a tiny hand rolled cone or paint brush!

The stencils are made of 3 parts, (simple stencils without many tiny pieces are sturdy and can be re reused several times). Clean the skin with an alcohol pad and peel off the backing of the stencil. Apply the stencil set to the skin and peel off the top clear layer. leaving the stencil on the skin.

Apply a THIN and even layer of acrylic adhesive (this is a medical/cosmetic glue used for prosthetics and contains no latex). Allow to dry to a clear tack and then pouf glitter directly onto the glue. Using a brush or finger rub the glitter into the glue for good coverage and adhesion.

Gently peel off the stencil, if you remove it carefully and don't tear it you can reuse it! Stick it back on the stencil paper and save for another time. Less glue is better - thin even applications will create a longer lasting glitter tattoo!