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Natural botanical plant dyes; Indigo and Henna blend together for reds, browns, dark brown, nearly black and deep black hair color shades. 

100 gram packet

Combine henna and Indigo in varying amounts for your perfect shade.
Indigo combined with a henna application on hair produces deep rich red/brown shades through a rich jet black hair color without any chemicals!

It’s a great replacement for modern chemical dyes, especially if you are having a reaction or eczema caused by chemical color. This is your solution! Indigo has been used for centuries as a textile dye, and hair colorant. It is what, until the advent of chemical dyes gave blue jeans that special navy shade and is still used to dye the beautiful flowing blue robes of the Berber tribes in Northern Africa/Morocco.


Because it’s natural! Gentle and safe for your hair, no chemical additives, no toxic dyes, just pure natural goodness. Many people are developing allergies to commercial chemical dyes and other chemicals in our environment. Indigo is a wonderful solution to naturally and safely color your hair.

WHAT’S NOT IN IT? No crummy toxic additives!
• NO PPD (Paraphenylene-diamine is a common chemical additive in chemical hair dyes that frequently causes allergic reactions)
• NO Preservatives
• NO Metallic Salts
• NO Ammonia
• NO Bleach
• NO Peroxide
• NO Chemicals

WHAT IS IN IT? All natural vegetable dyes direct from nature!
• 100% Pure PREMIUM Henna, Indigo, Amla and Cassia herbal powders for hair color are ground from leaves and fruits.
• Permanent hair color
• Moisturizing
• Protective
• All natural plants and fruit from mother nature
• Use on top of your old chemical hair color
• Use on top of your old highlights
• Naturally cover your grey hair
• Generally considered safe to use during pregnancy

1 Packet for Short Hair (100 grams powder mixed into paste)
2 Packets for Shoulder Length Hair (200 grams powder mixed into paste)
3 Packets for Long Length Hair (300 grams powder mixed into paste)
4+ Packets for Waist Length or Extra Thick Hair (400 grams powder mixed into Paste)
Curly hair may need an extra packet

Combine Indigo and Henna powders in varying amounts for a wide range of medium browns, cool reds, reddish browns, dark browns and even black.

Black is a two step process:
Step 1. First, color your hair with henna paste only, wash out.
Step 2. Second, color your freshly henna dyed hair with indigo paste only, wash out.
• The colors (red henna+blue indigo) will combine and create a rich browns and black colors. Excellent grey coverage with this 2 step process.

• Natural Henna and Indigo Powder Herbal Hair Dye and any other herbal dyes you’ll be using
• Mixing Liquid: Water, Chamomile Tea, Apple Juice, Orange or Lemon Juice
• Big Mixing Bowl
• Spatula
• Measuring Cup
• Smock or an old towel
• Plastic shower Cap or Saran Wrap
• Gloves

MIX HENNA+INDIGO BLEND for light browns, rich browns and softer reds.
Mix 1 Packet (100 grams) of natural Henna with 1 Cup water *add 1 cup liquid for each packet of herbal dye you’ll be using
Mix well, add more liquid till it's a yogurt like consistency
Let sit for 30 minutes
Add the Indigo Powder and mix well, add more liquid till it's a yogurt like consistency
Let sit for 10-20 minutes

MIX PURE INDIGO for grey coverage, browns and black shades
Once you have applied and washed the henna paste out of your hair it’s time to apply the indigo.

Mix 1 Packet (100 grams) of natural Indigo powder with 1 Cup water (add 1 cup liquid for each packet of herbal dye you’ll be using)
Mix well, add more liquid till it's a yogurt like consistency
Let sit for 10 minutes
Apply to your freshly hennaed hair
Let sit 1-3 hours
Wash out, condition, and dry as usual.

3. Protect your skin, clothes and work area
Clip a smock or an old towel around your neck to prevent clothing and shoulders from becoming stained.
• Apply a coat of ointment, Desitin, coconut oil, Vaseline, etc. along temples and hairline to prevent skin from becoming stained.
• Indigo is a dye and will stain whatever it touches, don’t forget to clean up any spills or splashes.

• Begin with freshly washed (skip the conditioner), towel-dried hair. Though dry hair works fine too.
• For the most even coverage of roots apply the Henna and Indigo paste in sections.
• Divide your hair into 4 or more sections depending on length and thickness.
• Clip each section to hold it out of your way.

• Wear gloves to prevent your hands and nails from becoming stained
• Working with a small section of hair at a time apply Henna and Indigo paste beginning at the roots making sure each section is thoroughly covered from root to ends.
• Move on to the next section of hair.
• When all your hair is evenly covered with Henna and Indigo paste, pile it on the top of your head
• Clip the pile of hair to hold it in place.

Wrap your head with saran wrap or a plastic shower cap to prevent the paste from drying out or staining furniture or bedding

Let the Henna and Indigo paste soak on your hair for 2-4 hours. Henna works best with a bit of warmth. For richer, deeper color use a blow dryer to keep your hair warm or take a seat and relax out in the sunshine.

Pop in the shower and wash the Henna and Indigo out! Skip the shampoo today, but give it a good does of conditioner. Dry as usual.

Reapply or touch up roots as needed. Henna and Indigo are natural dyes and can be used as frequently as you’d like. The color will deepen and be richer with multiple applications.

Just want to cover those greys? No problem!
Mix a small batch of henna, 2-4 Tablespoons following the above directions. Then add 1-2 Tablespoons Indigo powder and let sit for 10 minutes before use.
Apply Henna and Indigo herbal hair dye paste to just the new growth
Wrap up with saran wrap or shower cap
Allow to soak on hair for 1-4 hours
Wash out. Skip the shampoo, rinse out with your favorite conditioner. Dry as usual

It’s all natural leaves and herbs and does have an earthy plant-like scent. There are no chemicals or perfumes added to cover up the plants natural smell. You can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to your paste if you’d like. The scent will fade over time as you wash your hair.
We recommend you perform a strand test on your hair to be sure you like the color and result. Test the product on a small section of your hair or on hair harvested from your hairbrush. When using natural products please keep in mind that every product will react and color your hair uniquely. The result will be different and unique for each person depending on hair type and condition. There are many ingredients and recipes to try, have fun experimenting!
For external use only, do not apply to broken skin, open wounds or mucous membranes. Keep out of eyes, flush with cool water if it does get in your eyes.
Natural Hair Dye Herbal Powders are perishable and should be stored tightly sealed and protected from light and moisture. Henna Caravan stores our stock of herbal powders double wrapped in a climate-controlled environment so you can be confident you'll receive only the best quality product. Use within 1 year for optimal results.

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