Koi Mica Powder

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Use Mica Mineral Powder for:


Gilding Gel: Colorful, temporary body art that washes off with soap and water. Lasts 1 day

Mica Tattoos: Long lasting matte tattoos/body art with stencils and acrylic adhesive. Lasts 1-5 days.

Mica Body paint: mix with Liquid Lacquer make-up fixative, lasts 1-2 days. Safe or use on face and eyes.

Eye Shadow: Also known as mineral makeup

Liquid Eyeliner: Mix with Liquid Lacquer or make-up fixative

Custom Nail Polish Colors

Bath Bomb and Soap making colorant


Create custom shades by blending colors! Add black to darken or white to lighten shades.


Size: 10 gram pots (by volume) with shaker top and lid, hold 3 grams by weight

Mica powders are packed in plastic pots with a shaker top and a screw on cap. We pack our mica by WEIGHT NOT VOLUME. You get exactly what you pay for, not less ever! Mica may settle during shipping causing the pot to appear less than full.


FDA Approved for general cosmetic use, including eyes.

Do not inhale dust.

Stable in all applications.


Mica Mineral Powder can be used to create a variety of body adornments!


Make your own Gilding Gel by mixing mica with aloe or hair gel for a 1-2 day decoration

Mica Tattoos with stencils and acrylic adhesive for a 5-7 day decoration

Mica Body Art when mixed with Liquid Lacquer or make-up fixatives creates a lovely liquid paint safe for the eyes and face for a 1 day decoration

Custom Eye Shadows can be blended from Mica Mineral Powders to create your own unique shades. These are made from the same ingredients you see in swanky mineral make up eye shadows for 3 times the price.