Mini Aftercare Balm

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five half ounce henna aftercare balms in tube dispensers, various scents
mini henna aftercare balm in chocolate
mini henna balm in chai
mini henna balm in monsoon bloom
mini henna balm in lime
mini henna balm in pina colada
mini henna balm in strawberry
Mini Aftercare Balm
mini henna balm in lavender
Mini Aftercare Balm

Achieving consistently gorgeous and long lasting henna stains take a little bit of care. By using Henna Caravan Balm daily, you can extend the life of your henna up to 30%. We recommend the Balm to every client, especially to swimmers or those who have a special event in the near future. We hand-make each balm with love, and add a variety of gorgeous scents to make the experience even more fun. These balms are also great to protect your hairline while using Henna Caravan natural herbal hair dyes and, once your designs have faded, they're a fabulous lip balm!

Apply daily to your henna stain to help its longevity. Apply directly before contact with water, such as swimming or showering.


  • Amour Chocolat: Chocolate
  • Aegean Dream: Sweet Orange and Lemongrass - bright and fresh
  • Hasina Chai: Chai Tea - spicey, cozy and delish
  • Indian Summer: Ylang Ylang and Patchouli -  warm and sweet
  • Lavender Oasis: Lavender
  • Monsoon Bloom: Geranium Rose - old fashioned heady roses
  • Pina Colada: Pineapple, Lime, Coconut - here comes summer
  • Persian Lime: Lime
  • Shangri-la: Strawberry
  • Desert Caravan: Clove, Cedar, Lavender - rich, smokey and warm
  • Thai Paradise: Coconut Lemongrass - fresh, breezy and beachy