Sunset Glitter Set

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All the shades of a glowing summer sunset.

Henna Caravan polyester micro-glitter is super fine and made for cosmetic purposes. This is not the chunky glitter you can find in the craft store! .008 hex in size, each particle is encapsulated and safe for use on skin and near eyes. Poof bottles are our go-to solution for a gentle shimmer over wet henna paste, while a luer cap is great for the heavier application you're looking for when doing glitter mehndi and glitter tattoos. All glitter is packed by weight, so you always get exactly what you pay for. Please note that some glitter "settles" in the bottles, while others are fluffier. And remember, only cosmetic polyester glitters should be used with body art, never craft glitter which can cause eye injury due to sharp edges.

Embellish your wet henna paste with a simple poof of glitter right on top! The glitter sticks to your moist henna paste and will last all day, or at least until the dried paste starts to fall off. Or create glitter mehndi and glitter tattoos! Acrylic Adhesive applied to the skin with stencils or by hand and dusted with glitter will last several days.