Terrific Tenners

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Terrific Tenners
Terrific Tenners
Terrific Tenners

Terrific Tenners volume I by Jessica McQueen

  • Five pages of festival designs to use and abuse, 28 small/medium patterns.
  • Pretty floral patterns created using our 5 basic elements: dots, tear drops, circles, leaves/petals, swirls. Small/medium or $10 sized, 2x3 - 4x3 inches.
  • Each pattern is designed to be completed in about 5 minutes or less, perfect for parties, festivals and events or beginner artists.
  • Henna Caravan is pleased to share our Tried and True patterns to help you on your road to success.

Beautiful henna pattern books created and published by henna artists for henna artists!

E-books are e-mailed to you IMMEDIATELY or choose a laminated copy to be mailed.

These e-books have been designed with the working henna artist in mind. Working artists often need several copies of design books to pass to customers. You have permission to print extra copies of these books for yourself and your business.

Slip the pages into a binder with plastic sleeves so they stay clean. As pages get lost or ruined simply print fresh copies and replace as needed. You may adapt these patterns into your own style, flip, repeat and embellish for infinite variety. If you post pictures of your henna work inspired from these e-books, it's polite to cite the source of your pattern.

  • Automatic E-book Downloads
  • Download link is emailed to you immediately
  • Click link to download & save to your computer
  • Print and enjoy
  • Print a fresh copy as pages are lost, stained or ruined at events
  • Or print a few copies for customers to browse through.


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