20 grams Henna Powder

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20 g Jamila Powder
20 grams Henna Powder
20 grams Henna Powder
20 grams Henna Powder
20 grams Henna Powder

20 grams Henna Powder+Sugar 

This little 20 gram packet mixes into perfect small batch of henna paste! It yields 3 ounces of paste, roughly 3-5 henna cones. This is pre-measured to work with our 1.5 drams Essential Oils for the perfect goof-proof recipe! You just combine this henna with the 1.5 dram oil and some lemon juice or water and mix it up, we've done all the measuring for you! SO EASY!

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Jamila: Lab Tested Chemical and Pesticide Free Henna Powder, Triple sifted, Body Art Quality Henna Powder, Pesticide Free. From Southern Pakistan. Jamila creates a smooth creamy paste with just a tiny bit of stringiness, excellent for those perfect dots.

Maharani:  Summer 2022, organic, lab tested, triple sifted. From Northern India, Sojat Region of Rajasthan. Maharani is a stringy, sticky paste that has excellent draping ability (creating long smooth lines). 

This is pre-measured to be used with our 1.5 Dram Vials of Essential Oil 'terps' (must purchase separately) for deep dark stains, effortlessly, naturally and safely. 20 gram pouches mix up about 3 ounces of henna paste. 

Follow the simple Henna Caravan 'Kiss' recipe for best results with this beautiful powder. And remember, the sugar has been added for you, just add your essential oils and lemon/water. 


  • Follow the simple Henna Caravan 'Kiss' recipe for best results.
  • Begin mixing 24 hours in advance.
  • Your henna is pre-measured for this recipe.

Click here for Complete Recipe Tutorial

    RECIPE for 20 grams Henna Powder

    • In a small bowl, combine the 20 grams henna powder and enough lemon juice to form a thick dough (usually a bit less than 1/4 cup lemon juice) and 1 pre-measured vial of essential oils (or 1.5 teaspoons).
    • Stir Stir Stir. The henna texture will change as the powder absorbs the liquids. Keep stirring until your paste is well combined.
    • Cover completely and let sit in a warm location, 75-80 degrees F, for 24 hours. Use a thermometer to monitor temperature and avoid direct sun.
    • Once your henna as rested, test the consistency and add a few drops of lemon juice at a time until it's perfect. We like our henna to ribbon smoothly of a spoon like a thick cake batter. Others prefer a stiffer mix, that stands in peaks.
    • Fill your applicator and create gorgeous, unique henna designs on your friends and family!
    • Store leftover paste in the freezer for optimal freshness, up to 6-12 months. Every time you defrost and refreeze it'll lose some potency and stain power, so we recommend dividing into single serving sizes for storage.


    • Henna is Perishable!
    • Store henna paste in the freezer when it arrives
    • Store henna powder in a cool DRY location when it arrives
    • Natural henna will start off orange and deepen color over 48 hours
    • Be sure to clean the skin before applying henna
    • Let the henna paste soak on the skin for 4-8 hours
    • Seal with medical tape or Aftercare Citrus Sealant for best results
    • To remove paste, gently flake off, if sticky use coconut or vegetable oil, not water to remove residue
    • Enjoy your custom one of a kind henna design! It will slowly fade away as your skin exfoliates
    • Henna stains last 7-10 days, longest on hands and feet where skin is thickest. Shortest on face, torso, back where the skin is thinner and more oily.

    Henna Caravan features only 100% natural ingredients. All our products are generally safe to use on children and during pregnancy, however a doctor should always be consulted if you have concerns. We NEVER use any black or colored chemical dyes or additives, PPD (para-phenylenediamine), nut products, or preservatives. Avoid henna if you have G6PD deficiency or have been advised to avoid Fava beans, are extremely anemic, or have citrus allergies.

    Henna is Perishable! Store cones for later use in the freezer, and defrost at room temperature for 15 minutes prior to use.


    This product is intended for use in experimental body art. Henna body art should be avoided on those under six years of age, those with extreme anemia, G6PD deficiency, naphthoquinone sensitivity, have been advised to avoid fava beans, or have citrus allergies. If you have any concerns consult your physician. 

    Natural fresh henna paste is generally considered safe and should be made with only ground and dried henna leaves, water, lemon or apple juice, sugar and essential oils. Henna paste is perishable and must be stored in the freezer when not in use.

    If pregnant use only lavender essential oils in the henna paste and consult your physician first. Do not ingest. All products can, on rare occasions, cause allergic reaction. The product should not be applied in or near the eyes, nose, genitalia, on open wounds or cuts, or to sensitive or broken skin. If you are unsure about sensitivity, a patch test is advised. Apply the product to the inside of the elbow. If a reaction occurs within 60 minutes, do not use. Not for internal use.

    Avoid “BLACK HENNA” or “Emergency Henna Cone” products or ANY HENNA PASTE MADE IN INDIA/PAKISTAN that may use chemical additives or hair dyes that contain PPD (paraphenylenediamine) to obtain a black stain. PPD can cause long-term damage to internal organs such as kidneys and liver, can blister and permanently scar the skin. Chemical dyes stain the skin within 30 minutes and are dark immediately. Black henna products are not safe or natural and should never be applied to the skin.

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